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About Createscape Design Studio

Hello, my name is Crystal. I'm a web designer and front-end developer in Victoria, BC.

About Me

I have been designing websites professionally since 2009 and have a Certificate in Web Design from Camosun College. I launched Createscape Design Studio in 2013. Clients appreciate my honest, collaborative approach to the design and development process.

I’ve recently completed the following courses from

Website Design and WordPress Services

  • Website design
  • Mobile friendly websites
  • WordPress theme development
  • WordPress updates
  • eCommerce websites (WooCommerce)
  • Bug fixes
  • WordPress security
  • Logo design
  • Business cards

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Why WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS system on the planet. It’s a free or open-source application that runs on your web server.

Thousands of free or low-cost themes and plugins are available for WordPress. This means you save on development fees. It also allows developers like us to easily create custom themes or add extra features.

WordPress’s SEO-friendly markup and URL structure helps to improve ranking in search engines.

The WordPress admin area is easy to learn and can be customized to make the editing experience a breeze for you and your staff.

A large community of WordPress developers continues to support the development of WordPress. WordPress updates are released regularly and often include new features and improvements along with security updates.

WordPress is a secure platform that has been widely tested. While other CMS platforms may claim “security by obscurity”, WordPress can easily be kept secure while also offering all the great features you expect from a modern CMS system.

Privacy and Data Storage

My website and email are hosted in Canada on a high-security server.  Any files that you send to me as part of your website development are stored in a secure cloud storage plan (, which is a Canadian alternative to Dropbox).  I use LastPass to securely store client passwords.