Hello, my name is Crystal
I'm a web designer and developer in Victoria, BC, Canada
I design and build mobile friendly websites using WordPress

Custom WordPress Website Design

I design and develop custom WordPress themes from scratch*.  The design process includes your input at every step, starting from your ideas and concepts all the way to the final site.   The end result is a unique, fast loading, thoroughly tested, mobile friendly website that is easy to manage from the WordPress admin.

Custom Web Design Process

Before we begin:

  1. Content Development – Bring your already complete content or work with a copywriter/photographer to develop your content.
  2. Free Website Design Estimate – We'll meet in person or talk on the phone to discuss your project requirements. I'll provide you with a free estimate based on your goals, as well as a copy of my contract and an outline of your project requirements. Before we begin, you'll be required to pay a percentage of the estimate as a deposit.


  1. Wireframe – Laying out your content to determine placement and priority.
    Wireframe Example: BCFoodSecurityGateway.ca

    An example wireframe for BCFoodSecurityGateway.ca

  2. Design – Multiple design concepts offered based on your preferences and branding
  3. Development – HTML5, CSS, JS, and PHP development of your design into a custom, mobile friendly WordPress theme.
  4. Testing – Tested in the most popular browsers and mobile devices (older browser support available on request), Validating for HTML5 and CSS W3C compliance.
  5. Adding content – Adding your content, photos, video, etc
  6. Search Engine Optimization – HTML title and description tags for your pages
  7. Feedback and final revisions - You'll have an opportunity to review the site and make additional changes before we launch.
  8. WordPress Security Checklist - Adding additional security to keep your site safe from hackers, bots, and spammers.
  9. Launch – Includes site submission to Google and Bing, Google Analytics (site stats)
  10. WordPress Training Available – In person or web conference tutorials on your site, and/or written documentation
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*When I say “from scratch” I mean, not using free/premium themes that have been built by other designers. I do however use code frameworks such as Bootstrap and other tools that help speed up the development process.