Hello, my name is Crystal
I'm a web designer and developer in Victoria, BC, Canada
I design and build mobile friendly websites using WordPress

Custom WordPress Website Design

I design and develop custom WordPress themes from scratch*.  The design process includes your input at every step, starting from your ideas and concepts all the way to the final site.   The end result of a custom design process is a unique, fast loading, thoroughly tested, mobile friendly website that is easy to manage from the WordPress admin.

Custom Web Design Process

Before we begin:

  1. Content Development – Bring your already complete content or work with a copywriter/photographer to develop your content.
  2. Free Website Design Estimate – We'll meet in person or talk on the phone to discuss your project requirements. I'll provide you with a free estimate based on your goals, as well as a copy of my contract and an outline of your project requirements. Before we begin, you'll be required to pay a percentage of the estimate as a deposit.


  1. Wireframe – Laying out your content to determine placement and priority.
    Wireframe Example: BCFoodSecurityGateway.ca

    An example wireframe for BCFoodSecurityGateway.ca

  2. Design – Multiple design concepts offered based on your preferences and branding
  3. Development – HTML5, CSS, JS, and PHP development of your design into a custom, mobile friendly WordPress theme.
  4. Testing – Tested in the most popular browsers and mobile devices (older browser support available on request), Validating for HTML5 and CSS W3C compliance.
  5. Adding content – Adding your content, photos, video, etc
  6. Search Engine Optimization – HTML title and description tags for your pages
  7. Feedback and final revisions - You'll have an opportunity to review the site and make additional changes before we launch.
  8. WordPress Security Checklist - Adding additional security to keep your site safe from hackers, bots, and spammers.
  9. Launch – Includes site submission to Google and Bing, Google Analytics (site stats)
  10. WordPress Training Available – In person or web conference tutorials on your site, and/or written documentation

Advanced Custom Fields

You control your content without breaking the design

I build custom WordPress themes that use the Advanced Custom Fields plugin to add content areas that are easy to edit from the WordPress admin.

Many free themes and templates offer a visual editor, however many WordPress users either don’t have the time or the skills to focus on the layout as well as the content.

The Advanced Custom Fields plugin allows the creation of separate editor fields and custom content areas that allow a more unique design (not just one block of text as per the default WordPress editor).

Why Createscape Design Studio?

A growing service for businesses in Victoria, BC

I am an experienced designer/developer with 8 years professional experience in website design. I started Createscape Design Studio in 2013.

Since then my business has grown and I now employ two part-time subcontractors who help with site maintenance.

In addition to custom design and development I also have a lot of experience in fixing WordPress related bugs, site migrations, and in configuring difficult plugins.

Request an Estimate

*When I say “from scratch” I mean, not using free/premium themes that have been built by other designers. I do however use code frameworks such as Bootstrap and other tools that help speed up the development process.