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Bug Fixing and Troubleshooting

Is there an annoying warning showing on your website? Is your site just not working as smoothly as it did before? Let us take a look and solve the problem.

PHP Warnings

PHP warnings can show up after updating a WordPress plugin, if your theme or plugins are out of date, or if you or your web host changed your PHP version without testing your website. These can often be fixed by updating your website and making sure your themes and plugins are compatible with each other and the PHP version offered by your web server.

Plugin and Theme Conflicts

Sometimes one WordPress plugin will cause a problem with another plugin. We can test your site (on a duplicate or staging site) by checking error notices, and by “process of elimination” problem-solving. We can contact plugin developers to see if they can provide support for their plugin, or, if necessary, find a replacement solution.

Server Resource Problems

Running WordPress on a bargain-basement-priced hosting plan can cause your website to be really slow or crash. We can check how much of your server resources your website is using, and recommend changes. Sometimes, we can actually recommend a cheaper plan that offers better resources.

Server resources that we check:

  • Disc Space – The amount of space your website files are using
  • Bandwidth – Affected by how many site visitors you have, downloads, and self-hosted video files
  • CPU – Affected by WordPress plugin processes, number of site visitors, and things like website registration forms and eCommerce.
  • RAM/Memory – Affects speed of your site during traffic peaks, helps with basic WordPress functions

White Screen of Death

While it depends a lot on what initially caused this problem, it can often be fixed by disabling a problem plugin or increasing your PHP Memory Limit.