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AI Logo Generators VS Graphic Designer

Written on November 18, 2023 at 11:03 pm

I tried three AI logo generators. This is what they came up with.

I’ve had an idea for a cute logo in my head for a while, but I haven’t had time to work on it. Having heard so much about AI lately, I thought I would give AI logo generation a try to see if they could make my vision into a logo.

My Logo Idea: A Good Day for Ducks

My idea was to take the saying “A good day for ducks” and turn it into a logo concept, possibly for a fictional duck rescue organization. I would like to see some other elements included in the logo, such as rain, an pond, and maybe some cat tails (good luck with that one AI). I think I would like it in an oval shape, but I’m open to other ideas. Let’s see what the AI logo generators can offer. was the first generator to show in search results. It allowed me to enter a slogan and choose from 6 different font styles. I chose the slab and handwritten styles. It game me some options for colours but I didn’t think any of the choices fit what I wanted, so I skipped that option.

For my first try, I found it disappointing that none of the logo choices had a duck in it. The logos provided are strange and generic and have nothing to do with the logo concept. Maybe they have more options in the pro version. Let’s move on. gave me some more options. It let me pick some existing logos with styles that I liked, and also select some symbols. I selected 5 duck symbols. I selected Green, Blue, and Teal as colour options. While the logo options finally have some ducks in them, I notice that the duck symbols are the same as the ones I selected in the options, meaning they would be the same for anyone else who chose the duck for logo. Some of the colours shown are very different than the colours I chose. I tried again and tried to add a cat tail to the logo options (I had to search “Typha” instead of cat tail). But Looka just put each of the symbols in different logos instead of combining them to create a new image or idea. Let’s try another generator. – “the most advanced AI logo design tool”

The third AI logo generator I tried was I have to say I’m not so worried now about AI taking my job just yet. I do think their font choices are interesting, although they’re probably expensive fonts. But it’s clear that AI does not yet have the objectivity to sit back, look at their creation, and realize that their brandmark looks like a pile of manure. The font at the upper right reminds me of the font from Clockwork Orange.

My Turn for Ducks

Since I wasn’t happy with the logos provided by the AI generators, I decided to see what I could do myself (without AI) in about an hour or so, and this is what I came up with, using Affinity Designer. It’s close to what I originally imagined. The colours are working well together, and the ducks look more like real ducks.

If I was working on this as a real logo project, I would likely spend a couple more hours coming up with different variations on this theme, and trying different fonts and colours. But for now I’m satisfied that my ducks will have a better day than the AI generated ones.