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Keep your WordPress Website Updated

Written on September 25, 2018 at 3:12 pm

You can prevent your WordPress website from getting hacked by keeping the plugins and WordPress version up to date. 

For simple websites, this can be as easy as pressing the update button.  For more complex websites (for example, any website that uses Woocommerce or more than a few basic plugins), I recommend hiring a web design and development company to perform regular updates on your site.

My process for updating plugins starts with backing up the website. Then I create a copy of the site where I can test the changes.  I also read the plugin’s changelog to see if it includes changes that will affect the site, and check the website after the update to make sure everything is working as it should.

It is fairly easy to prevent a website from becoming hacked, but it can be more difficult to restore the website’s online reputation once it has been hacked.   Once malicious files have been detected by Google and other blacklists, users will start seeing warnings telling them to avoid your website.

Once a website has been hacked, it may also be disabled by the web host.  For the past few years I’ve recommended hosting companies and plans that don’t just disable websites when they’ve been hacked, but actively work to prevent security intrusions and scan for and remove malicious files when they’ve been detected on a site.

In the long run, keeping your website maintained will cost you less than waiting until there’s a problem.